Works and documents  Approximately 250 paintings. In addition, a number of portraits, landscapes and other paintings in public and private  possession. Wall decorations and mosaic façade in Larvik.  Approximately 800 sketches and drawings. Among them 105 “palette programs”, working sheets for his 82 opus with  variations, and drafts to illustration of Voluspá. Some of the illustrations are finished and signed.  Manuscript presenting his geological theory approx. 400 pages, 227 maps. Background material to his geological  studies including an archive of 25000 fossils.  Manuscript with a parallel synopsis of  the four gospels of the New Testament based on a chronological study of the  life of Jesus. Planned as text for an oratorium.  © Bjærke Estate 2011 Litterature  Bjærke, Håkon 1974 Tjølling- formet av naturens krefter. Bygdebok for Tjølling, bd.1, pp.13-14, 1 kart  Bjærke, Håkon and Tor Bjærke 1997 The Earth’s moving continents. Continental movements from the Cambrian to the   present. 128 pp. 215 figs.  Rosén, Edvard 1998 Malerne. Vestfoldmalernes jubileumsutstilling LNM 30 år.  Utstillingskatalog Fossekleiva / Porsgrunn 1998.  Bjærke, Håkon Arnestad red. 2000 Det nye testamentes evangelier. Parallellsynopse. Sørensen, Gunnar og Astrid Mørland 2001 Håkon Arnestad Bjærke. Labyrinth Press 2001. (46 malerier, 2 tegninger)  Snorri Sturluson: Edda. Gudrun, København 2003 (English edition) (6 drawings, 2 paintings)  Bjærke, Knut 2010 Håkon Arnestad Bjærke: En biografisk skisse. Katalog til 100-års minneutstilling. (33 malerier, 2   tegninger, 3 fotografier)  Bjærke, Tor 2010 Håkon Arnestad Bjærke. Colour system and composition theory.    Unpubl. MS References Håkon Arnestad Bjærke 1910-1977